Monday, 31 May 2010


I am sifting through the layers of information and impressions revealed in this place. The compressed weight of time seems more tangible than a year ago. Malthus' noted that there were far more births than deaths on register during his time as rector (approx 20 yrs) which may have lead to the development of his theory about population control. In this context the font becomes a measure of life, and possibly life in the balance. The hole in the stone where the old basin would have sat draws me in. I sense water, both in it's association with lightness and weight. The windows pierce the stony space with light. Although crumbling the walls still stand. Pugin's transparent tapestry calls from another era when the soul and intellect were starting to separate and find their own paths. This church is perhaps it's most relevant as a witness to the last thousand years. Once visited for salvation by poor pilgrims now primarily by tourists and charmed but dedicated locals. Can I pull together these layers?

Printmaking has offered a new way to explore ideas. I made a tentative start at Ochre Print Studio last November and hope to do more along the way.

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