Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Journey Continues

Really, I have been there. I've made the fatal mistake of blogging in my mind but not online. Very busy holiday period doing paid work, followed by surgery, followed by more work. Due to work being done in the church and the number of blessings over the next 4 months we have decided that my residency will conclude with a show from September 7-20. Whew, gives me time to get through a string of exhibitions and press on with my interests at the church.

I seem to be fixated on the font base and Malthus' encounters with his parishioners. I feel compelled to hang something through the vast area under the whale-like ribs of the ceiling. Tension, tipping points, holes, inexplicable marks are in the mix. This place offers a glimpse at the crossroads many generations have faced at turning points in history, a repository for moments of transition. I think my work will reflect the tension created by conflicting ideas that eventually move society on.

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