Monday, 19 October 2009

The Big Draw

First in was Shere Infant School on 5 October. The children hardly needed encouragement to draw on their section... they were all over their 10 meter strip of paper (or should I say Tillingbourne) in no time. Did you know the river has mermaids? It does now. Then on 8 October 15 kids from year 5 at Tillingbourne Junior school dove into their section. An enthusiastic and inquisitive bunch, they filled the paper in half an hour before moving on to the chapel to sketch Pugin designs.

The Big Day (10 October) was brilliant. Many kids came back with parents to have a look and another draw, including a big scribble and rubbings of the Weston Brass on the floor. We had about 60 people and Stephanie and Monica served tea and biscuits so everyone took their time. Some people had just come by to see the church and were confronted with children and parents sprawled all over the floor pens in hand. I was so busy chatting and helping everyone that I didn't have a go-must go back on my own. The river paper grew and grew, it looked fantastic hanging up and spurred everyone on. We decided to leave it up for a week or so. Great day!

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